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Play beautiful jigsaw puzzles online at now! Jigfun brings jigsaw fans a great new jigsaw social media platform. You will be blown away with the options jigsaw fans have when playing online jigsaw puzzles. Upload your photos, share your puzzles and make pals. If you prefer, register as an artist and have your art published on the site. If you are looking for the perfect new present, we can make beautiful personalized jigsaw puzzles and have them sent direct to you or anywhere in the world. Play, share and shop on today!
PUZZLE PALS Make puzzle pals and share your pictures.
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Jigfun - free puzzles for everyone!

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We are happy to welcome you on our site which you definately will find fun help you to leave reality behind for a moment. We hope it is also a chance for you to have some fun while having a break at work. It will help to make a rainy afternoon a bit sunnier. You can play 24/7, 365 days a year and we are always here for you. We offer free jigsaw puzzles in thousands of patterns and colors. Puzzles with plenty of categories which everyone, even the most demanding of players, will be able to find something to play for themselves. Our puzzles will certainly create great shared moments for you and your family. Join us today and you will be glad you spent time with us!

Playing online puzzles not enough?

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No problem! Order any puzzle pattern and with a direct shipment to your home you can play them with your family. You can choose any pattern from a wide range of artistic and shop works. Also the number of pieces is your own choice which for sure makes your purchase more interesting. Register today and start your adventure.
Play 1000s of online jigsaw puzzles free of charge for all the family. Fun packed features such as multiplayer, time attack and lucky dip.
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